What we offer

You will meet with either one or two clinicians from our team for up to two hours. We will ask you questions about the difficulties you are experiencing and your background history. You will always be seen individually and are not expected to take part in any groups.

We will also ask you to complete some questionnaires to bring with you.

We will then write a report based on what you tell us and recommend which treatment we think would suit you best. We will also discuss with you whether that is best carried out in your local area or here at our service.


Our clinicians are trained in multiple therapies, covering a range of mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and others. The type of treatment we offer is based on your difficulties. We take a veteran sensitive and trauma informed approach. Your clinician can discuss the therapeutic approach recommended to meet your needs and answer any questions you may have.

As well as individual therapy, we can offer clients group therapy, for example a symptom management group which spans 6-8 weekly sessions. These sessions provide information about your difficulties and strategies to help you cope. They may be online or held in person. We also offer other therapeutic groups which run at different times of the year depending on the demand, such as anger management and Compassion Focused Therapies.


Veterans are able to access an appointment with one of our psychiatry team for assessment, diagnosis and prescription/review of psychiatric medication depending on the circumstances. Need and suitability for psychatric support can be discussed wth your clinician at assessment or as part of overall treatment. 

Case management

We have a range of practitioners in the Service, including nurses, social workers and occupational therapists. Professionals from a range of these backgrounds may contribute to your treatment plan, dependent on need. For some this may include support and guidance on accessing statutory local authority services, management and monitoring of medication, or occupational therapy assessment. Your clinician can discuss how these approaches may go towards meeting your needs, as well as answering any questions you may have.

Peer support

Our Service has been co-produced by veterans and we recognise how helpful it can be for veterans to be supported by other veterans. Our peer support workers can assist you to access veterans events and social activities. They can also help you to create a care plan that suits you, and to understand the ways in which NHS and statutory services operate.  

Holistic support

Op COURAGE aims to meet the holistic needs of veterans who refer through to us. If you have needs around housing, finances, care for others, or a range of other issues, we can ensure that you get the holistic support that you need. 

We work in partnership with third-sector charities Stoll and Walking with the Wounded, and depending on need, you may meet with a representative from one of these charities to support you with the challenges you are facing.

Family/friends and carers

We want to make sure that your significant others are also supported through any difficulties that might be arising. We offer 'carer consultation' as standard to any person supporting a veteran, whether that be a partner, a family member, a friend or someone else. 

Op COURAGE London works in partnership with Forces-Friendly charity, The Ripple Pond, who will also offer your significant other advice and support, as well as a range of activities and events which they can get involved with. 

Please also see the details of our associated Service, Op COMMUNITY, which support your family.   

Watch two of our veterans talking about the first time they attended our service and what it was like to get help: