Armed Forces Champions

Op COURAGE London have several staff trained as Armed Forces Service Champions.

Service Champions are individuals who advocate for and support the Armed Forces community within their organisation. They undergo training and development to gain a deep understanding of the culture and unique needs of the armed forces community, enabling them to design services that are tailored and effective.

Their main goals are to:

  1. Better understand how to engage with the Armed Forces Community: These champions aim to establish meaningful connections with members of the Armed Forces community. By understanding their perspectives, experiences, and challenges, they can build trust and create initiatives that resonate with the community.
  2. Understand how they can support their organisation in helping this group: Armed Forces champions work within their organisation to ensure that policies, practices, and services are inclusive and supportive of the Armed Forces community. They provide insights and recommendations to ensure the organisation meets the needs of military personnel and veterans effectively.
  3. Understand how they can gain support from other services/charities: Armed Forces champions collaborate with external services and charities that offer support to military personnel and veterans. By forming partnerships and sharing resources, they can enhance the range and effectiveness of support available to the Armed Forces community.
  4. Reinforce the integration between communities: These champions promote and strengthen the integration of the Armed Forces community with the broader civilian population. By fostering understanding, mutual respect, and awareness between communities, they contribute to a more cohesive and inclusive society.

Overall, Armed Forces champions play a vital role in ensuring that the needs and contributions of military personnel and veterans are recognised, valued, and supported within their organisation and in society at large. Their efforts contribute to a more cohesive and supportive environment for the Armed Forces community.

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