Education and Training Hub

The London Education and Training Hub aims to raise awareness of veterans’ mental health issues, support the development of trauma-informed practice and create veteran-sensitive care pathways.

We deliver specialist veteran mental health awareness training sessions to increase veteran identification and improve veteran sensitive practice across statutory and non-statutory services.

The Education and Training Hub has also developed a veterans mental health and e-learning package to support the training of staff across London, in particular NHS staff and staff working within the criminal justice system.

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Learning for healthcare professionals about the UK Armed Forces population

The e-learning  programme developed by Health Education England in collaboration with NHS England, aims to enhance healthcare professionals' understanding of the unique needs of the Armed Forces population. The program is designed to facilitate improved care and treatment for current serving personnel, veterans, and their families.

While many health needs may be similar to those of the general public, there are significant differences, especially concerning conditions related to service life and their impact on families. These distinctions can influence the delivery of healthcare, the types of services offered, and the long-term effects on patients and their families.

The e-learning programme covers various aspects related to the armed forces population, including the following:

  1. Understanding the Armed Forces Community: The program provides insights into the experiences, challenges, and specific health requirements of serving personnel, veterans, and their families. By gaining a better understanding of their unique circumstances, healthcare professionals can tailor their care and support more effectively.
  2. Addressing Service-Related Health Issues: The e-learning places focus on conditions and health issues that may be specific to military service, such as combat-related injuries, mental health challenges, and exposure to certain environmental hazards.
  3. Recognising the Impact on Families: The program emphasises the importance of considering the well-being and support needs of the families of serving personnel and veterans. Healthcare professionals learn how to engage with families and offer holistic care.
  4. Adapting Healthcare Delivery: Healthcare providers are taught to adapt their services to better accommodate the needs of the armed forces population. This may involve creating specialised clinics or support groups, collaborating with military healthcare providers, and ensuring continuity of care during transitions between military and civilian life.

By completing this e-learning programme, healthcare professionals can become better equipped to provide compassionate, informed, and tailored care to serving personnel, veterans, and their families. The aim is to bridge the gap in understanding and deliver improved healthcare services to the veteran community.