I'm a carer

We understand that caring for or being a family member of a veteran with mental health problems can be difficult and that partners and families of veterans' face specific challenges. 

We offer consultations to significant others to have a space to talk about issues that may be troubling you or you want advice about. As part of this, if you would like, we can refer you to The Ripple Pond, the organisation that provides group support for families of veterans.

We can also refer you to local talking therapies if this is something that you think you would benefit from to support your mental health further. If you are in need of support with domestic abuse we will refer you to local organisations and liaise with independent domestic violence advocates on your behalf to address both mental health and social care needs such as emergency accommodation and finances. If you or your children would like respite, we can support you to access this also.

We also welcome you, with your partner’s consent, to accompany your partner or family member to an appointment to be involved in their care and provide information and advice on the impact of post service problems on a family.

Find out more

You can read our Carers of Veterans using the Service [pdf] 835KB

How to refer

The Veterans’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Service is an open access service, 
which means referrals can be made by anyone. Referrals can be made by
veterans themselves, a carer or loved one. Find out how to refer or contact us for help.